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UrthTree 250G Herbal Shisha

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Applelicious (250G) Jar - UrthTree
Chilem (250G) Jar - UrthTree
FruTee (250G) Jar - UrthTree
Grepfrut (250G) Jar - UrthTree
Grepmnt (250G) Jar - UrthTree
Guava (250G) Jar - UrthTree
Gum Mint (250G) Jar - UrthTree
Heavens Berri (250G) Jar - UrthTree
Kiwi (250G) Jar - UrthTree
LmnMnt (250G) Jar - UrthTree
Mngo (250G) Jar - UrthTree
Orange Mint (250G) Jar - UrthTree
Paan Raas (250G) Jar - UrthTree
Peachai (250G) Jar - UrthTree
Peech (250G) Jar - UrthTree
Spiky Pine (250G) Jar - UrthTree
Stachio De Crm (250G) Jar - UrthTree
Straberri (250G) Jar - UrthTree
TwistedMnt (250G) Jar - UrthTree
WaterMln (250G) Jar - UrthTree
Yummi Gummi (250G) Jar - UrthTree

UrthTree Herbal Shisha

UrthTree Herbal shisha is made by the same team that brings you CocoUrth hookah charcoal and features a 100% tobacco-free and nicotine-free recipe. Each blend is crafted using real apples to create an alternative to typical shisha leaves and deliver exceptional clouds and delicious flavors. UrthTree's easy-to-prepare flavors will smoke great in any hookah bowl and will last about as long as typical hookah tobacco.

UrthTree offers a wide range of flavors including classics like Guava and Lemont Mint alongside modern mixes like Peachai and Heavensberri that will please any hookah smoker that comes into your lounge or shop. Each jar delivers a quality hookah smoking session without the use of tobacco or nicotine making it the perfect herbal shisha brand to carry on your shelves.

UrthTree Herbal Flavors:

Applelicious - Red + Green Apple

Chil' Em - Lime + Mint

Frutee - Fruit Cocktail

Grepfrut - Grapefruit

Grep Mnt - Grape + Mint

Guava - You guessed it, it's just guava

Gum Mnt - Spearmint Gum

Heaven's Berri - Mixed Berries + Mint

Kiwi - Single-note Kiwi

Lmn Mnt - Lemon + Mint

Mngo - Mango, just without the 'a'

Orng Mnt - Orange + Mint

Paan Raas - Floral + Mint

Peachai - Peach + Chai

Peech - Sweet Peach

Spiky Pine - Pineapple

Stachio De Crm - Sweet Cream + Pistachio

Straberri - Strawberry

Twisted Mnt - Natural Mint + Menthol

Watermln - Candied Watermelon

Yummi Gummi - Fruity, candy-inspired blend