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Zomo 250G Shisha Tobacco

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Acai Cream (250G) Jar - Zomo
Amaze Mint (250G) Jar - Zomo
Bahamas Twist (250G) Jar - Zomo
Cancun (250G) Jar - Zomo
Dragon Wall (250G) Jar - Zomo
Havana Style (250G) Jar - Zomo
Kiwi Lemon (250G) Jar - Zomo
Miami Nights (250G) Jar - Zomo
Mystery Of Bali (250G) Jar - Zomo
Passionfruit Mint (250G) Jar - Zomo
Pink Lemon Drop (250G) Jar - Zomo
Secret Of Babylon (250G) Jar - Zomo
Strong Mint (250G) Jar - Zomo
Swiss Alps (250G) Jar - Zomo
Watermelon Mint (250G) Jar - Zomo

Zomo 250g Shisha Tobacco

Zomo shisha is all the rage in South America and produced by some of our hookah friends in Paraquay. This unique hookah tobacco is centered around exotic and tropical blends that will have your customers saying, "What is this? I need more!" Each flavor takes on the aromas and culture of some of the most pristine landscapes and paradises around the world.

Available Flavors:

Dragon Wall - Exotic Asian pear

Havana Style - Cuban mojitoKiwi Lemon

Miami Nights - Orange and mango

Mystery of Bali - Mild banana mixed with passionfruit

Secret of Babylon - Fresh watermelon with sweet melon

Strong Mint (dark leaf) - Intensely strong mint flavor

Swiss Alps - Cool fresh mintWatermelon Mint

Why Buy Zomo?

As the hookah tobacco industry grows there are more and more brands out there to pick from. While the big 3-4 brands will always be around, hookah smokers are growing more and more curious and excited to try and buy the newest and the harder to find brands and flavors. Zomo's unique mixes will generate buzz (pun intended) at your lounge and the cool packaging will turn heads at your shop. Be the hookah business that offers something that the one down the street doesn't have!