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Welcome to the worlds largest collection of shisha tobacco from the best selling, high volume brands to the boutique specialty labels that draw the true hookah enthusiasts. Global Hookah Wholesalers prides itself on its ability to maintain a portfolio this vast to accommodate the needs of any hookah business, whether a small hookah retailer or large shisha tobacco distributor. Shopping for hookah tobacco has never been easier or more convenient.

The Fastest Selling Shisha Brands

The hookah market has matured over the last 20 years and few key players have established themselves as the key players nationwide. At the very top of the pyramid is Al Fakher, which absolutely dominates all brands in volume and sales velocity due to its combination of value, quality and flavor range. Starbuzz, Fumari, Social Smoke and Fantasia make up rest of the 5 Families that run the show at scale. When stocking your store, these are the brands that can give your business a solid foundation and regular foot traffic.

Up and Coming Brands in the Market

These brands have made serious gains in market share and have regional strong holds where they outcompete some of the major brands. Keep your eye on Eternal Smoke, Adalya, Mazaya, and Al Waha. Each and every brand has a few flavors that are fan favorites and quick sellers, and these brands are no different. It won't be long before one of these move up and replace one the long standing top 5 brands.

Specialty Shisha Brands to Know About

Offering unique brands will prove to your customers that you are a true hookah retailer. These smaller craft operations will use higher quality ingredients, and are typically made in the USA. Trifecta, Tangiers, Pure, Eclipse and Azure have a loyal following and by carrying these unique brands, you can build a repeat customer base who enjoy these exclusive hookah flavors.

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