1. Al Fakher Trinity flavors at Hookah Wholesalers

    Three New Al Fakher Flavors! The TRINITY!

    Just in time for the holidays, three new must-have flavors from Al Fakher's shisha masters!

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  2. Globe on pile of cardboard boxes

    International Shipping & Tobacco Taxes

    Do you need to pay U.S. taxes if you're an international customer? We broke down this commonly asked question for you.

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  3. Fumari Fakh N' Mint shisha tobacco pouch and logo

    Fumari Fakh N' Mint Shisha Flavor Review

    Fumari Fakh N' Mint brings back one of the most unique and underrated flavors in the hookah-verse. So, what is Fakh N' Mint? Great question! Load a bowl while we dive deep into this beautiful bouquet...

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  4. Adalya Love 66 Shisha Tobacco

    Adalya Love 66 Shisha Tobacco

    Wondering what all the hype is about on this flavor? If you don't, then you should!

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  5. Coconut pieces on a green background

    Wanna Go Nuts? Three Coconut Shisha Mixes for Your Hookah Bar

    Got any coconut mixes ready for National Coconut week? We have some for you if you don't.

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  6. Vegas coin slot wheels

    Hookah Wholesalers CHAMPS 2022 Recap

    We came. We saw. We conquered. Here's how CHAMPS 2022 was for the Hookah Wholesalers team. 

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  7. Rewards Are Here at Hookah Wholesalers!

    Rewards Are Here at Hookah Wholesalers!

    Rewards are now here with Hookah Wholesalers! You can now earn credit in several different ways and it’s easier than ever!

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  8. Shipping pallets on loading dock

    Simplify Shipping Costs with Flat Rates

    Now introducing flat rate shipping costs! Save money. Save stress. 

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  9. Chalkboard "How to Sign Up"

    Sign Up for an Account with Hookah Wholesalers

    Just getting started? Here's what you need to sign up for an account at Hookah Wholesalers!

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  10. Champs Vegas Tradeshow 2022

    Champs Tradeshow Las Vegas 2022

    Breaking news! Hookah Wholesalers will be attending the 2022 Champs Trade Show in sunny Las Vegas and we want to see you there! Read more to find out all the details.

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