1. Mysterious darkness with words Coming Soon and a loading bar

    The Biggest Merger in Hookah Industry History!

    Something great is heating up! Find out the details here. 

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  2. Crescent moon lamp on table with lanterns

    Understanding Ramadan

    Understanding the Importance of Ramadan

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  3. Hookah accessories and coins falling into waiting pair of hands

    The Inexpensive Hookah Accessories You Should Know & Have

    These hookah accessories are not only affordable, they’re easy sells for a retail space and can elevate your lounge workflow.

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  4. Display pedestals with various hookah products

    The Best Hookah Products to Have in 2024

    Take a look at what products were the top sellers of last year, and make sure you have them now.

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  5. Al Fakher logo with States of Taste title and three 250g jars of Al Fakher flavors

    New Al Fakher States of Taste Flavors are Here

    Get the new flavors from Al Fakher at Hookah Wholesalers

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  6. Various hookah accessories falling among wrapped gift boxes

    10 Best Hookah Gifts to Stock for the Holidays

    Have these perfect gifts on hand for those hookah enthusiasts this holiday season.

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  7. Shisha Kartel logo with Krazee Kombo characters on paisley background

    Shisha Kartel Krazee Kombo Review

    Discover what this criminally awesome fruity blend tastes like & some new mixes it works perfect with!

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  8. Shisha Kartel logo with Sexy Sheba characters on paisley background

    Shisha Kartel Sexy Sheba Review

    Check out what to expect from this tropical blend from Shisha Kartel!

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  9. Shisha Kartel logo with Money Madness characters on paisley background

    Shisha Kartel Money Madness Review

    Find out what this flavor from the best shisha release of 2023 brings to the table!

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  10. Nine white icon buttons with four Starbuzz combinations shown with the remainder in shadow

    9 Starbuzz Shisha Mixes; Custom Blends To Spice Up Your Lounge

    Starbuzz is well known for its pre-made shisha mixes, but using them alongside single-note flavors can broaden your shisha menu!

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