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Shisha Kartel Sexy Sheba Review

Check out what to expect from this tropical blend from Shisha Kartel...

This is a premium, modern blonde leaf shisha tobacco with an edge whose smoke has been clouding the skies since early 2023.  When it comes to Kartel, you are With Us or Against Us! The range features unique characters that embody the individual flavors.

Shisha Kartel monogram logoShisha Kartel monogram logo

Sexy Sheba from Shisha Kartel Tastes Like...

Mango fruit and passionfruit next to Shisha Kartel Sexy Sheba bannerMango fruit and passionfruit next to Shisha Kartel Sexy Sheba banner

Sexy Sheba is a tropical fruit blend that she must have come across while sunbathing in the Maldives. The mango fruit is very forward and bold, but as you exhale you get a powerful punch of passionfruit. You can’t miss that super tangy, tropical flavor with a sweet and tart explosion to bring some excitement to the mix.  Just when you thought you tasted everything, this shisha has a dab of menthol cooling that can bring it all together.

Sexy Sheba Hookah Tobacco Mixes

Shisha Kartel Sexy Sheba & Rose

 A touch of Al Fakher Rose can give this tropical mix a romantic twist.

Shisha Kartel Sexy Sheba & Kiwi

Mango and passionfruit not tropical enough for you? Try some AF Kiwi or maybe some Fumari Island Papaya.

Shisha Kartel Sexy Sheba & Krazee Kombo

Sexy Sheba is so tart and forward that blending it with a sweet and smooth mix like Krazee Kombo might be the most perfect pairing ever!

Buying Sexy Sheba Shisha for Your Business

Shisha Kartel Sexy Sheba character icon next to 50g and 250g boxesShisha Kartel Sexy Sheba character icon next to 50g and 250g boxes

Retailers may have more luck introducing these flavors in the quick and convenient 50g packages. We sell them in the 500g, 10 pack cartons making it easy and economical to bring in the new line to see if it takes off in your shop. When it does, most Shisha Kartel buyers will want to grab the 250g because of the economical value of buying Kartel in bulk.

Sexy Sheba in Your Hookah Bar

Mangos and passionfruitsMangos and passionfruits

Sexy Sheba should be your next go-to recommendation for customers who want tropical but something new/different. The flavor is great on its own but would also be a great base for exclusive mixes found only at your hookah bar. For your hookah cafe, the 250g size is the best option for now. Don’t worry, we have kilos coming in 2024. With 10-15 servings in the 250g there is still a huge ROI.