1. Hookah accessories and coins falling into waiting pair of hands

    The Inexpensive Hookah Accessories You Should Know & Have

    These hookah accessories are not only affordable, they’re easy sells for a retail space and can elevate your lounge workflow.

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  2. Display pedestals with various hookah products

    The Best Hookah Products to Have in 2024

    Take a look at what products were the top sellers of last year, and make sure you have them now.

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  3. Various hookah accessories falling among wrapped gift boxes

    10 Best Hookah Gifts to Stock for the Holidays

    Have these perfect gifts on hand for those hookah enthusiasts this holiday season.

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  4. Dollar sign dissolving and blowing away

    5 Reasons Hookah Customers Leave Without Buying Anything

    After you read through these potential problems in your store try to take a fresh look with “new eyes" to see how you can improve the experience for your customers.

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  5. Mint leaves against mint leaves background with "Best Mints" title

    What Is The Best Mint Shisha?

    What is the best mint flavored shisha? That's a great question with about a dozen different answers depending on who you ask. We did the research for you. 

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  6. Question mark next to text that reads "Hookah Wholesalers Return Policy"

    Hookah Wholesalers Return Policy

    We are here for you. If you have issues with your order follow this guideline, and we'll make things right. 

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  7. Hookah silhouettes next to coffee cup against coffee bean background

    The 8 Best Coffee Shisha Tobacco Flavors

    If you're looking to add coffee flavored shisha options to your lounge or shop, check out the best coffee hookah flavors here!

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  8. Hookah hose silhouettes on smoke background

    Five Amazing Hookah Hoses for Hookah Retailers

    Check out these five hookah hoses that are the best choices for hookah retailers!

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  9. Hookah smoking with expired stamp

    "My Shisha Tobacco Expires Soon, What Should I Do?" 3 Ways to Move It Out Fast!

    Every hookah retailer has come across hookah tobacco in their inventory that is expired. It happens to everyone and should be considered part of the business. However, no one wants to lose money and there are ways to prevent losses on expired hookah tobacco. Here's a few strategies to avoid tossing your profits in the trash.

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  10. 10 Ways to Sell More Hookahs, Shisha and Accessories in Your Shop

    10 Ways to Sell More Hookahs, Shisha and Accessories in Your Shop

    Here are 10 ideas that virtually any hookah retailer can implement to sell more hookahs, shisha and accessories in their store, while building customer loyalty among the hookah customers in your area. Most of these can be done for free or for very little money and can yield huge results. Watch the video for a quick top 10 countdown!
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