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What Is The Best Mint Shisha?

What is the best mint flavored shisha? That's a great question with about a dozen different answers depending on who you ask. We did the research for you. ...

What really is the best mint shisha? That is a great question with 10 different answers, depending on who you ask.

When you want to compare the best mint shisha flavors, there are a few factors by which we judge them.  The flavor profile of the mint itself…is it green / fresh tasting, spicy like a peppermint, etc.  Is the sweetness high or low, is the smoke have a chilling effect and which level of nicotine strength. The best selling flavor from virtually every brand of hookah tobacco is mint or some variation of it, so now all we need to do is narrow down a few options so you can find the different varieties that will be the best fit for your hookah lounge or smoke shop.

Al Fakher 250g shisha tobaccoAl Fakher 250g shisha tobacco

Al Fakher Mint

This is the classic standard by which all mint shisha flavors are judged. This is the perfect balance and blend of minty flavor; a cooling effect and a good tobacco strength. Your personal preference may gravitate to more or less any of these attributes: flavor, cooling, nicotine strength. However the hookah community has spoken and has decreed this is the best place to start your mint shisha journey of discovery.

Starbuzz Wild Mint shisha tobacco 250g tinStarbuzz Wild Mint shisha tobacco 250g tin

Starbuzz Wild Mint

Starbuzz Wild Mint from their OG line is a nicely blended medium strength mint with a slightly more pronounced green, herbaceous flavor; medium sweetness and mild nicotine content.

Starbuzz Bold White Mint 260g shisha tobacco tinStarbuzz Bold White Mint 260g shisha tobacco tin

Starbuzz Bold White Mint

A super clean and refreshing mint, Starbuzz Bold White Mint is somewhere between peppermint and buttermints. I want to say it's like a toothpaste mint but in a really delicious way.

Starbuzz Bold Mint Colossus shisha tobacco 250g tinStarbuzz Bold Mint Colossus shisha tobacco 250g tin

Starbuzz Bold Mint Colossus

This is a powerful and cold mix of mints with a heavy dose of wintergreen mint, similar to those mint candies in a metal tin. Expect a strong, cooling effect and bold flavor from Starbuzz Bold Mint Colossus.

Azure shisha tobaccoAzure shisha tobacco

Azure Rio Mint

Here is another extra strong peppermint with intense cooling from the menthol. This is available as a medium-nicotine flavor in the Gold Azure line and you can kick up the buzz with the dark leaf shisha in Azure Black Rio Mint.

Azure shisha tobaccoAzure shisha tobacco

Azure Bermuda Mint

A refreshing blend of mints. Not too much peppermint, not too much spearmint…just a great blend of mint. I would recommend the Azure Gold line for a bowl all on its own. But, if you want to add a refreshing splash of mint with an extra kick, go for the dark leaf. The choice is yours. 

Othmani Marrakech Mint shisha tobaccoOthmani Marrakech Mint shisha tobacco

Othmani Marrakech Mint

A blend of several different types of mint that creates an herbaceous, fresh mint flavor with a mild cooling effect. When you want to enjoy the mint flavor on its own, this is hard to beat.

Pure Tobacco shisha tobacco FML Pure Tobacco shisha tobacco FML

Pure FML

This flavor comes in three varieties and they all have some of the strongest menthol chill on the market. The flavor has some sweetness, and just like the brand name, you get a mild nicotine content with “Pure” flavor that tastes like a premium product. Check our video review of Pure FML. 

Trifecta shisha tobaccoTrifecta shisha tobacco

Trifecta Twice The Ice

This is a strong menthol forward mint prepared primarily for the cooling sensation it adds to the smoke. This has a sweet flavor but not a rich minty-ness. It’s all about the cold-throat feel. Expect a medium-to-strong nicotine strength depending on your heat level with your charcoal.

Trifecta shisha tobaccoTrifecta shisha tobacco

Trifecta Twice The Ice X

Since the arms race for the coldest mint shisha ever took off…Twice the Ice Xtreme was released for the most extremely possible chilling effect.  A great mixer, and a must-have at any lounge, it’s not the best for a bowl of 100% “death by ice”. Expect a medium to strong nicotine strength, depending on your heat level with your coals.

Trifecta shish tobaccoTrifecta shish tobacco

Trifecta Death By Ice

You get the ice cold smoke of Twice the Ice X but within a dark leaf tobacco; so you get a higher nicotine content and more tobacco undertones.

Tangiers shisha tobaccoTangiers shisha tobacco

Tangiers Cane Mint

The granddaddy of all powerful mints. This is a strong peppermint blast that’s very cold. Each inhale is colder and colder not to mention it’s coming from a high-nicotine content tobacco. This mint is a global sensation with die-hard fans. You can get this in the classic Noir Tangiers, with extra strong nicotine in the Burley line, or the smoother experience of the Birquq Tangiers.

Fumari shisha tobaccoFumari shisha tobacco

Fumari Sweet Mint

If you want a nice bowl of sweet shisha flavor and a refreshing mint flavor this is a great option. Imagine a mojito but without the lime! This has a mild nicotine strength but with more heat you can get a little more buzz.

Eclipse shisha tobaccoEclipse shisha tobacco

Eclipse Elara

Looking for mint with a buzz? Eclipse Elara is a strong mint with a bold menthol cooling effect in a dark leaf shisha that is amped up with a dash of dokha to really give it a kick.