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Starbuzz Bold 100G Shisha Tobacco

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Apple Doppio (100G) Tin - Starbuzz Bold
Asian Persuasion (100G) Tin - Starbuzz Bold
Black Mint (100G) Tin - Starbuzz Bold
Black Peach Mist (100G) Tin - Starbuzz Bold
Brownie (100G) Tin - Starbuzz Bold
Code Blue (100G) Tin - Starbuzz Bold
Cosmo Power (100G) Tin - Starbuzz Bold
French Orange (100G) Tin - Starbuzz Bold
Geisha (100G) Tin - Starbuzz Bold
Golden Grape (100G) Tin - Starbuzz Bold
Grape Freeze (100G) Tin - Starbuzz Bold
Grape Fruit Mint (100G) Tin - Starbuzz Bold
Green Savior (100G) Tin - Starbuzz Bold
Irish Peach (100G) Tin - Starbuzz Bold
Margarita Freeze (100G) Tin - Starbuzz Bold
Mint Colossus (100G) Tin - Starbuzz Bold
Peach Ice Tea (100G) Tin - Starbuzz Bold
Peach Mist (100G) Tin - Starbuzz Bold
Peach Queen (100G) Tin - Starbuzz Bold
Pineapple Freeze (100G) Tin - Starbuzz Bold
Purple Savior (100G) Tin - Starbuzz Bold
Queen Of Sex (100G) Tin - Starbuzz Bold
Simply Mango (100G) Tin - Starbuzz Bold
Simply Mint (100G) Tin - Starbuzz Bold
Spiced Chai (100G) Tin - Starbuzz Bold
Tropicool (100G) Tin - Starbuzz Bold
Watermelon Freeze (100G) Tin - Starbuzz Bold
White Bear (100G) Tin - Starbuzz Bold
White Chai (100G) Tin - Starbuzz Bold
White Mint (100G) Tin - Starbuzz Bold
French Buzz (100G) Tin - Starbuzz Bold
Irish Kiss (100G) Tin - Starbuzz Bold
Jack The Ripper (100G) Tin - Starbuzz Bold
Mighty Freeze (100G) Tin - Starbuzz Bold

Starbuzz Bold Shisha Tobacco 100g Tins

When you're at the top of your game you can either sit tight and enjoy your success, or you can double down and aim even higher. Starbuzz did just that, taking an already incredibly popular brand and going a step further by creating Starbuzz Bold, an extra premium line of shisha tobacco that features incredibly bold and delicious flavors and crazy thick smoke.The wholesale 100g tin is a better value than the 50g tin, and you can save money on the wholesale price of Starbuzz Bold by buying the 100g tins by the case.

How to Order Starbuzz Bold Hookah Tobacco 100g

Starbuzz Bold 100g tins come in case packs of 12 units per box. To help us maintain operational efficiency, we thank you for a minimum order of 3 tins per flavor. Quantities of 10 or more will be rounded up to 12 and the case quantity discount will be applied.

Starbuzz Bold Shisha Flavor Descriptions

Apple Doppio - Traditional double apple with less anise.

Asian Persuasion - Grape, tea, and ginger.

Black Mint - Mint spiced with anise for a smooth yet complex flavor profile.

Black Peach Mist - Blackberry and peach with a cooling hint of "mist"

Brownie - Silky smooth and rich chocolate.

Code Blue - Berries with a touch of cream and mint.

Cosmo Power - Grape, lemon, and mint with hints of floral tones.

Dibs on Ashley - Spiced peach.

French Buzz - Orange and cream with notes of rose.

Geisha - Peach, mint, and a hint of melon.

Golden Grape - Robust grape flavor.

Grape Freeze - Grape with heavy mint.

Grapefruit Mint - Grapefruit and mint.

Green Savior - Paan (Indian betel nut spice) with mint.

Irish Kiss - Peach with light mint.

Irish Peach - Peach, cream, citrus, and spice.

Jack the Ripper - Concord grape with a splash of cherry.

Lady in Red - Cherry and rose.

Margarita Freeze - Sweet limey citrus with heavy mint.

Mighty Freeze - Sweet lemon candy with heavy mint.

Mint Colossus - Sweet peppermint, combined with winter fresh, spearmint, and wild mint.

Misty Apple - Sweet green apples with spice and "mist"

Peach Ice Tea - Sweet peach with undertones of tea.

Peach Mist - Peach with a cooling "mist"

Peach Queen - Peach with clove and cinnamon.

Pink Lady - Raspberry and grenadine (sweet pomegranate)

Purple Savior - Grape soda with a splash of mint.

Queen of Sex - Citrus-y lemon-lime with a touch of mint.

Simply Mango - MangoSimply.

Mint - Light peppermint with cooling menthol.

Tropicool - Mixed tropical fruits with a light citrus mint.

Watermelon Freeze - Watermelon with heavy mint.

White Bear - Pineapple tropical gummy candies.

White Chai - Sweet chai with vanilla and peach.