Hookah accessories and coins falling into waiting pair of hands

The Inexpensive Hookah Accessories You Should Know & Have

These hookah accessories are not only affordable, they’re easy sells for a retail space and can elevate your lounge workflow...

You know the obvious hookah necessities to have on hand: shisha, charcoal, and bowls. But, don't forget about all of the smaller pieces of hookah gear that can make bowl prep easier and faster, keep your cleaning simpler, and are great "smalls" to add on to retail sales. 

These inexpensive and extremely useful hookah accessories are things any lounge or smoke shop should have on hand!

Shisha Forks

Fumari Hookah Foil Poker/Shisha Fork Combo and standard Shisha Fork shown togetherFumari Hookah Foil Poker/Shisha Fork Combo and standard Shisha Fork shown together

How many bowls are you loading during business hours? How many of your customers are wanting a cleaner way to load their hookah bowls with more control? If a hookah smoker is not a “pinch-and-grab” type of shisha person, they fit into the other 50% who want to keep their fingernails clean.

Hookah Shisha Forks make for quick lounge prep, and they are simple counter sells for those first-time hookah buyers in a retail spot. The Fumari Fork has a built-in foil poker!

Foil Pokers

Hookah Shisha PokersHookah Shisha Pokers

How many bowls did you say you are prepping in your hookah lounge per night? Forget looking for that thumbtack or unfolded paper clip! 

Foil Pokers help make quick work of bowl-prep for lounge employees and again, like shisha forks, they’re an easy impulse buy to have at your retail counter. You can get them with a wood handle or the modern spring-style handle

AO Foil Rolls

AO Panzer Hookah Foil RollAO Panzer Hookah Foil Roll

If you’ve got a lounge you might be using your standard-sized kitchen foil rolls when getting your hookah bowls ready; tearing off sheets and sizing them down to little squares. Wouldn’t it be easier if your foil roll was already cut to size? That’s where the AO Panzer Foil Roll is your winner!

These hookah bowl sized foil rolls just make sense. They’re convenient and they’re thicker than standard foil, making them less prone to tearing when preparing your bowls. Not to mention you’ll be wasting less foil.

Wire Bowl and HMD Brushes

AO Wire Bowl and HMD brushes shown in two optionsAO Wire Bowl and HMD brushes shown in two options

Make your hookah clean-up easier with the right tools! Base brushes and shaft brushes have been around for a while, but now you can get brushes for your bowls and heat management devices as well.

The long handle AO Wire HMD/Bowl Brush and the smaller, palm-sized AO HMD Wire Brush are extremely useful for scrubbing out bowls and removing that built up char from the bottom of HMDs.