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Hookah Wholesalers Return Policy

We are here for you. If you have issues with your order follow this guideline, and we'll make things right. ...

Broken, Wrong, or Missing Products

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Every order is guaranteed to arrive intact and accurate. To make sure we are living up to our promise we need our valued clients to review and report any issues with their merchandise within 72 hours of receiving the shipment. We will exchange, resend, and resolve the issue as quickly and easily as possible. Please include your order number when possible.

  • For Broken Items: Email a photo for each item that is broken, along with the product name, so we can diagnose the problem and identify the appropriate products to replace, fix, or refund. 
  • For Missing Items: Email us a detailed list of the missing items and quantities. Our team will review the packing camera footage to make sure the missing product isn't hidden in an unusual place or that there is not an extra box still in transit or missing. We will arrange replacements or credit at that time.
  • For Wrong Items: Email us photos of the wrong items received in your order and include a list of the items that you did not receive. Our team will coordinate replacements with you. 

Hookah & Accessory Return Policy

Your success is our primary concern. If a client would like to exchange hookahs or accessories we can work with you. We will accept back any unused, unopened items for 100% store credit of the current selling price within 6 months of the purchase date. Store credit can be used on a future purchase. The client will be responsible for the shipping cost of the returned item. Hookah Wholesalers can provide a shipping label and deduct the cost of shipping from the returned merchandise. Any merchandise that arrives damaged, expired, or unsealed will not be credited.

  • Step 1 - Contact Hookah Wholesalers to get written approvial for the return/exchange.
  • Step 2 - Fill our the RMA with a detailed list of the items being returned.
  • Step 3 - Email Hookah Wholesalers with the tracking number of your return. 
  • Step 4 - Hookah Wholesalers will receive and inspect your returned merchandise.
  • Step 5 - Hookah Wholesalers will contact you with the amounth credited to your account.

Tobacco & Herbal Shisha Return Policy

We do our best to prevent expired and nearly expired tobacco from shipping to our clients. If you ever receive hookah tobacco with less than 5 months to the expiration date and you would prefer to return the product, please contact us to arrange the exchange within 3 business days of receiving your shipment. If you are unsure what to do with shisha that is expiring soon or currently expired, we wrote this article with some ideas to help you manage your inventory and liquidate the old shisha tobacco.

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Near Expiration Date (Less Than 6 Months Remaining)

Hookah Wholesalers will credit back unopened, complete 500g cartons, and single units of 250g and kilos at the following rates of the sale price excluding tobacco taxes:

  • 50% at 6+ months
  • 25% at 3 - 6 months
  • 0% less than 90 days

Please contact us with this required information for your returns request. 

Hookah Wholesalers Return Request FormHookah Wholesalers Return Request Form

Expired Shisha (Less Than 90 Days To Fully Expired)

Hookah Wholesalers cannot accept returns on expired tobacco products. All customers are expected to monitor and sell through their shisha tobacco by the manufacturer’s expiration date.