Hookah hose silhouettes on smoke background

Five Amazing Hookah Hoses for Hookah Retailers

Check out these five hookah hoses that are the best choices for hookah retailers...

Hookah hoses are one of the best upgrades available for hookahs. It can make a huge difference in your session, they are relatively inexpensive, and the range of designs and materials is almost unlimited.  Here are our current top five picks for smoke shops and other retailers who want to offer the best accessories to their hookah enthusiasts.

Smokezilla Ice Hose Combo Pack

Smokezilla Ice Hose combo pack in various colorsSmokezilla Ice Hose combo pack in various colors

The Smokezilla Ice Hose Combo package deal is a no brainer! The combo comes with a Smokezilla silicone hookah hose and an Ice Bazooka cold smoke attachment. The silicone hose can be used on its own or attached to the Ice Bazooka for a cold blast of smoke.  It comes in a box with attractive packaging that will definitely pop on your shelf.  With four colors to choose from, this is a retailer must-have.

Galaxy Hoses

Galaxy hookah hoseGalaxy hookah hose

The Galaxy hose has been a top seller since it was beamed into the website years ago. The metallic tip has cut outs so you can see the smoke travel through the hose handle during a session. This is a full length, heavy duty silicone hose that is fully washable. Check out our full video review of the Galaxy Hose with even more details.

AO Glass Handle Hoses

AO Glass hookah hoses with round tip and flat tip optionsAO Glass hookah hoses with round tip and flat tip options

This AO hookah hose is my new personal favorite.  We have two options to choose from; a round glass tip or the newer flat glass hose tip. After a few puffs, I fell in love with the comfortable feel of the flat tip glass hose. Choose from eight unique colors that have a clean color fade on the glass The hoses come in quality packing with barcodes that make this product easy to stock and run through your POS.

Sheeshaya Carbon Fusion Hose Handle

Sheeshaya Carbon Fusion hookah hose handleSheeshaya Carbon Fusion hookah hose handle

This is a hookah hose handle upgrade, not a complete hose. Since so many silicone hoses are compatible, your customer can buy this handle and easily swap out the handle on the hose they already own. The Sheeshaya Carbon Fiber Fusion hookah hose handle design gives these handles, and soon your customer’s hookah, a new modern look and feel. Take a look at this premium packaging and presentation! This will really pop in your showcase.

MYA Wood Handle Hoses

MYA Saray Wood Tip hookah hoseMYA Saray Wood Tip hookah hose

Ok, you have seen the glitz and glamor of the hookah hose portfolio, but it’s hard to beat this classic MYA Saray Wood Handle hookah hose. For just a few bucks you can pick up one of the most prolific hoses on the market and easily get a 3-4x markup when you sell them. In terms of ROI, I had to keep this hookah staple on the list.