Khalil Mamoon Kamanja Hookahs

Khalil Mamoon Kamanja Hookah
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Khalil Mamoon Kamanja (1 hose) Hookahs

All you hookah lounge and retail store owners who are need of a medium sized hookah with handsome design and great functionality - take a gander at the Khalil Mamoon Kamanja. Standing 28" tall this hookah is tall enough, and good looking enough, to stand out in a crowd and a great size to be smoked from a coffee table or from the ground. See for yourself, pick up a few at our awesome wholesale prices!

Beautiful Design & Durable Quality

Beautiful and simple, the silver finish of this stainless-steel hookah is excellently complimented by the accent marks on the solid adornments of the stem. This design is simple, yet handsome, and will make a great addition to any collection. The high quality stainless-steel used to make the Kamanja makes it an incredibly durable hookah. Stainless-steel is totally resistant to both rust and corrosion, and as long as this hookah is treated with respect it will live a long life of quality smoke sessions. It can handle the bumps, bangs, and handling of everyday life and still produce great sessions, but still try and handle this piece with care!

KM Kamanja Downstem & Experience

Expect awesome smoke sessions every time with the Kamanja. Khalil Mamoon knows what they're doing, and they don't mess around when it comes to making top notch products. They use a medium gauge downstem in nearly every single hookah they make, with the aim of giving users a traditional style smoking experience - similar to what you would find in the hookah cafes of Egypt. Some may find this traditional experience features a slight airflow restriction, which can be easily remedied by adding a diffuser to the bottom of the downstem. The diffuser will greatly increase the smoothness of every pull, and will create an incredibly quiet smoke session every time.

Part of the quality of the downstem comes from its stainless-steel composition. Like the metal used for the exterior, the stainless-steel downstem is completely resistant to rust and corrosion and should last as long as the rest of the hookah. Additionally, the stainless-steel makes it so strong shisha flavor profiles will not stay in the hookah. One quick rinse and the downstem will be rid of any and all ghosting shisha flavors. Good news for hookah lounge owners who need a quick turnaround time on their hookahs.

KM Kamanja Specs:

Height: 28"
Shaft: Stainless steel
Base: Large KM, color/design may vary
Bowl: Egyptian clay
Hose: KM Washable
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