Golden Al Fakher Tobacco Flavors

Golden Al Fakher 250g Jar
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Golden Al Fakher 250 gram Jars

Al Fakher is already the best known brand name in the hookah world. They specialize in natural fruit and spice flavors that delivery exactly what they advertise. Golden Al Fakheris their premium line that exclusively uses Viginia tobacco leaves and premium flavor ingredients. You can expect a "juicy-er" shisha that can have a thicker cloud output and richer flavor that will last for over an hour.

Golden Al Fakher Shisha Flavors

Because these are such premium flavors, Al Fakher doesn't waste any effort making "premium" flavors that cannot live up to the Golden reputation. Here are the select few flavors that make the cut.

Golden Bahraini Apple - Similar to Double Apple, apple flavor with medium notes of anise but less
Golden Eskandarani Apple - Sweet green apple flavor with hints of floral notes.
Golden Fresh Mint -This minty blend includes notes of spearmint and wild mint missing from their all time best selling classic mint.
Golden Grape - Rich, red wine grapes, if AF grape is chardonnay, Golden Grape is merlot
Golden Orange - A beautifully smooth, mildy tart and sweet orange flavor, more like fresh orange juice than orange candies. We love it.
Golden Rose - The intense floral profile you would expect from rose, with a smoother, sweeter finish.
Golden Strawberry - A sweet strawberry flavor with buttery notes and a creamy smoke texture
Golden Two Apples - This double apple is so saturated with anise flavor, we want to call it "Three Apples"
Al Fakher Golden Shisha
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