Amira Trojan Hookah

Amira Trojan Hookah
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Amira Trojan Hookah

You may not be able to hide an army of soldiers inside this Trojan, but what it lacks in size it makes up for in mythic cloud output. This hookah has a high stoke factor for me because it's Amira's first entry into the more compact hookah market. The Trojan is going to be a solid, durable hookah for your customers looking to get their first hookah or find one that's easier to travel with.

Amira Trojan Features

The Trojan features a polished stainless steel shaft, tray, and adapters as well as a stainless steel down stem. This will keep the hookah safe from corrosion and make it a bit easier to clean. The base is made of heavy, thick glass that layers down to a wider bottom for great stability on any table-top. The included hose is washable and made of silicone with an aluminum tip. These hoses are light durable and easily washable.

Amira Trojan have the same glass bases but may have hoses different colors. They come at random from the manufacturer.

Amira Trojan Specs:

Height: 18 inches
Stem: Stainless steel.
Hose: Washable Silicone hose mixed colors
Bowl: Clay
Vase Colors: Clear

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