Khalil Mamoon - Balaha Ice Hookah

Khalil Mamoon Balaha Ice Hookah
KM Balaha Ice - Gold hookahKM Balaha Ice - SilverKM Balaha Ice Gold - BowlKM Balaha Ice Gold - ShaftKM Balaha Ice Gold HubKM Balaha Ice Gold - BseKM Balaha Ice Gold - HoseKM Balaha Ice - SilverKM Balaha Ice Silver - ShaftKM Balaha Ice Silver - HubKM Balaha Ice SIlver - BaseKM Balaha Ice Silver - Hose
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Khalil Mamoon Balaha Ice Hookah (1 hose)

A solid stainless steel KM hookah that comes in a gold finish or silver finish option, the Balaha Ice stands a towering 36" tall. The shaft on this hookah features those classic KM bulbs, only this time they're more compact and they line the entire shaft. When you take a closer look you'll notice the beautiful etched detail on the shaft and the perfectly spaced lines that etch the ice bucket. The silver and gold version each come with an authentic Egyptian style clay bowl as well as a classic Khalil Mamoon hose.

Modern-Industrial Design, Classic Experience

KM got a little more innovative with their design on the Balaha but you can expect the same classic smoking experience. Khalil Mamoon likes to use medium gauge downstems in their hookahs, which creates that traditional style smoking experience. Some people may not find this experience to their liking because it is slightly more restrictive than other hookahs. This can be changed by adding a diffuser to the end of the downstem, increasing the smoothness of each pull.

Stainless Classic

Although the Balaha Ice features a gold or silver finish, below that exterior is a pure stainless steel shaft. A popular material for hookahs for many reasons, stainless-steel is incredibly strong. It's durability makes it completely rust-proof and corrosion-proof, not to mention that it makes this hookah able to take its fair share of bumps and bruises. Given that it's taken care of, this hookah will have a long life of making shisha smokers very happy.

Balaha Ice Downstem

Stainless-steel is also used to make the downstem for this hookah pipe, making the downstem rust and corrosion proof just like the exterior. Perhaps the biggest plus to having a stainless-steel downstem is that it will never hold on to strong shisha flavor profiles: no more ghosting in your hookah. One quick rinse and the Classic Ice hookah will be completely cleared of all shisha flavors. A perfect smoke experience, every time!

Balaha Ice Specs:

Height: 36"
Shaft: Stainless steel w/ Gold or Silver finish
Base: Gold Striped/Silver Striped
Bowl: Handmade Egyptian clay bowl
Hose: KM Standard hookah hose
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