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Azure Shisha Gold Line
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Azure Shisha Tobacco - Gold Line Pouches

The Gold Line offered up by Azure is a classic lighter colored shisha. This is handcrafted in America and made using premium quality gold-leaf tobacco. Expect robust takes on many standard and unique flavors in this line. From bold coffee and savory dessert flavors to nice floral mixes, Azure makes some of the best shisha on the market today.

Azure Gold Line Shisha Flavor Descriptions:

Barista's Choice - A roasted coffee blend.
Berry Mania - Azure's twist on a classic berry mixture.
Blueberry Muffin - A delicious take on a classic.
Boomerang - A faithful red gummy bear creation.
Cairo Crypt Tonight - Cherry with a hint of ice mint.
California Blue - Azure's twist on the blue berry flavor.
Carolina Peach - Delicious peach blend.
Chai Masala - Chai latte.
Cherry Muffin - Azure's awesome Muffin base blended with savory cherry.
Chocolate Cake - Rich, delicious chocolate dessert.
Cinnamon Cookies - Fresh out of the oven, you'll love this cinnamon and cookie blend.
Citrus Mania
Cool Cucumber - Cucumber with a mild mint.
Cosmos - Grapefruit and raspberry blend.
Dubai Apple - Double apple.
Grapemania - Sweet grape mix with a hint of mint.
Grow a Pear - Bold pear flavor.
Lemon Muffin - A fantastic blend of Citrus/Lemon and Azure's wonderful Muffin mix.
Lemongrass - refreshing and mild citrus blend.
Lychee - Just like the delicious lychee fruit.
Mango Cheesecake - A savory cheesecake flavor with mango.
Melon Mania -Blend of sweet melon flavors.
Melon King - Sweet melon with a hint of mint.
Moscow Never Sleeps - Sweet fruit with a touch of mint.
Rio Mint - South American mint blend.
Royal Mango - Bold and luscious mango.
Royal Queen - Black tea with citrus.
Royal Raspberry - Bold and tart raspberry flavor.
Sweet Summer Sun - Milky citrus base changing with the seasons.
Tomahawk - Cool citrus blend
Tropical Citrus -
Tropical Paradise - A mixture of tropical fruit flavors.
Unicorn -
Viva La Horchata - Just like the sweet and savory cinnamon and rice milk mix.
Winter Berries - Berry blend with a mint finish.
Winter Orange - Orange and ice mint.
Winter Peach - Sweet peach with an icy mint finish.
Winter Rose - Floral with a nice cool mint finish.

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