Al Waha 1000g Tubs

Al Waha 1000g Tub
Wholesale 1000g Al Waha Pan Rasna1000 gram Al Waha Afternine shisha tobaccoMango Lemonade Al Waha shisha tobacco1000g Al Waha Big Boy shishaAl Waha Shisha Tobacco leaf
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Al Waha 1000 gram tub of Hookah Tobacco

30 delicious flavors offer hookah caterers and hookah lounges an exceptional variety of awesome shisha flavors. Al Waha's exclusive blends are some of the most sought after flavors on the hookah scene. The low cost and exceptional value in each 1kg tub of Al Waha means big and easy profits for your business.

Al Waha Tobacco Flavor Descriptions

After Nine - rich, creamy chocolate and mint
Arctic Blueberry - fresh blueberries with garden mint
Arctic Cherry - ripe cherries with a cool menthol finish
Arctic Melon - honeydew, watermelon and cool mint
Arctic Peach - ripe peaches with a cool menthol finish
Blueberry Banana
Blueberry Guava
Cali Twist - Pinapple, cherry and orange...remember California Dream?
Chai Latte - sweet cream with notes of cinnamon and spice
Cinnamon Gum - bright and spicy mint and cinnamon
Double Apple - red and green apples with an extra punch of anise
Grape Mint
Gum Mint - Minty menthol gum
Hot N Cold - blueberries with a blast of minty menthol
Ice Cream - creamy blend, like a mix of melted Neapolitan ice cream
Icy Mango Tango - ripe mangos mix with cool menthol and fresh garden mint
Lemon Mint -
Libella Swing - sweet oranges mixed with mint leaves and pink guava
Magic Touch - tart limes and blueberries mixed with garden mint
Mango Lemonade - freshly made lemonade with chopped mango
Melon - green honeydew melon
Melon Berry - green melon with blueberries and fresh garden mint
One Day - Cool menthol and limes with subtle creamy undertone
Orange Mint
Pan Rasna - spicy floral mix of exotic Indian spices
Summer Air - lemons and passion fruit
Sweet Shock - watermelon passion fruit

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