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Holland Quick Lighting Hookah Charcoals

You landed here because you're looking for something that is going to be efficient for your operations or easy to sell and make a profit in a retail setting. Holland instant lighting coals are going to be a nice option for you. These coals come in the standard 33mm and 40mm sizing that most quick-light brands offer. You won't need any sort of fancy burner to light these, simply bust out a lighter and get it going.

Holland Charcoal Size Options

As mentioned, Holland makes the two standard sizes 33mm and 40mm. You can see each coal pictured above to scale with a coin. The 40mm is definitely a bit more coal than the 33mm, we recommend these larger coal for larger bowls and the 33mm for your standard affairs. Typically we'll use 1-2 coals per bowl dependent upon the bowl size and then also our preferences in terms of flavor, smoke, etc.

Quantities and Packaging

Holland charcoal comes by the box or the case, save more by purchasing in bulk by the case. Each box comes with 10 rolls of charcoal in it and each roll contains 10 pieces of charcoal. That means you're getting 100 piece of charcoal per box. Man, maybe I should get a job as a janitor at an ivy league school and start solving complex math equations on the hall chalkboard?

To sum things up:
1 Box = 10 rolls of charcoal
1 case of 33mm = 24 boxes
1 case of 40mm = 18 boxes

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