Golden Desert Spartan Hookah

Golden Desert Spartan Hookah
Blue Golden Desert Spartan HookahBlack Golden Desert Spartan HookahGolden Desert Spartan Hookah bowlShaft for Golden Desert Spartan hookahHub for Golden Desert Spartan hookah shaftGolden Desert Spartan hookah baseGolden Desert Spartan Hookah hose
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Golden Desert Spartan Hookah

Made out of premium stainless steel and standing 22 inches tall, the Golden Desert Spartan comes ready for a thundercloud battle. Nestled in the ever popular medium hookah range and featuring a unique base design, the Spartan will look great on your shelf... For the few minutes that it stays up there until someone walks in and buys it.

Spartan Design:

The first thing I noticed when I unboxed the Spartan was the heavy and unique base shape here. It matches the ribbed shaft perfectly and you get the benefit of having a super wide bottomed base. This sort of design has gotten more popular over the last few years due to the added stability it give the hookah as opposed to some traditional designs. The Spartan will come outfitted with an unglazed clay bowl and also a premium washable silicone hose.

Spartan Hookah Specs:

Height: 22 inches
Shaft: Stainless steel - Blue/Black
Unglazed clay
Hose: Washable silicone

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