Smoke Skreen 36-Piece Display Box
Smoke Skreen 36-Piece Display Box

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Smoke Skreen Hookah Water Additive - 36 Piece Display Box

What is Smoke Skreen?

Smoke Skreen® is an inert substance that is added to the water in a hookah or water pipe to enhance the removal of tars and oils from the smoke.

Smoke Skreen® is made up of tiny granules; these granules are tiny, hard, spherical, opaque white beads that are made up of microspheres of an insoluble polymer (Fig. 1). The beads’ average size is between 0.49 and 0.69 mm in diameter (the size of 1 sugar granual).

How is Smoke Skreen Used?

To use Smoke Skreen®, a 1 gram packet is added to the water contained within a hookah or water pipe and the pipe is smoked as usual. As the pipe is smoked, Smoke Skreen® will capture tars and oils from the smoke.

Eventually, the beads will turn brown as they become saturated with tars. The beads
and water can then be discarded and a new packet added to fresh water to
continue to remove tars.

How Smoke Skreen Works

Smoke Skreen® beads are composed of a special, inert polymer that has a very high attraction for so-called “nonpolar” molecules, such as tars and oils.

In addition, Smoke Skreen® beads have an extremely high surface area (Fig. 1).
The surface area of the beads is over 750 m2/gram (over 8,073 square feet per gram).
Since a tennis court is approximately 2100 square feet, only 1 gram of Smoke Skreen
has about the same adsorbing surface area as four tennis courts!

The combination of high attraction for tars and high surface area allows a small
quantity of Smoke Skreen® beads to effectively remove tars from a much larger
volume of smoke containing such tars. When air or water which contains smoke
comes into contact with Smoke Skreen®, the tars bind to the Smoke Skreen® beads
and are thus removed from the smoke. This may favorably affect the taste and can
remove substances (such as polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons) from the smoke which
could be harmful.

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