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AO Phunnel Bowl

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Froggy Phunnel Bowl - AO
Ginger Phunnel Bowl - AO
Pacific Phunnel Bowl - AO
Red Head Phunnel Bowl - AO
Sunshine Phunnel Bowl - AO
Marble Phunnel Bowl - AO

Premium Phunnel Bowls by AO

Our friends from Germany have designed this group of premium phunnel style hookah bowls in a range of colors. As expected with anything from AO, these are high quality, well made, with premium packaging and they also work great with an HMD. The bowls diameter fits perfectly with a Khaloud Lotus, AO HMD or other similar devices. This bowl does not have an HDM lip to secure it, but the top of the bowl rim is rough, so your HMD gets a good grip and wont fall off unless the whole hookah comes tumbling down. We love the colors, so grab a a few of each. We see these bowls sell quickly when customers can see the whole range to choose their favorite.