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Golden Desert Volcano Hookah

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Black (17.5" Medium) Volcano Hookah - Golden Desert
Blue (17.5" Medium) Volcano Hookah - Golden Desert
Purple (17.5" Medium) Volcano Hookah - Golden Desert
Red (17.5" Medium) Volcano Hookah - Golden Desert
Silver (17.5" Medium) Volcano Hookah - Golden Desert

Golden Desert Volcano Hookah

Check out the mid sized Golden Desert Volcano Hookah. If you're looking for a more modern design Hookah to offer your customers at a reasonable price, the Volcano Hookah might be for you. Standing at 17.5 inches tall, the Volcano fits into the most popular mid-sized Hookah range that have been a Hookah retailer's favorite. Your customers will like this complete Hookah set up that's easy to put together and start enjoying your session. With a variety of color options, you can find the right fit for your retail store.

Volcano Design:

The Golden Desert Volcano stands 17.5 inches tall and comes with all the accessories needed to get started. The stainless steel components will help keep these Hookahs smoking bowl after bowl. Your customers will love the flared out glass base that really completes the modern design. The included silicone Hookah hose that is fully washable will give even the newest Hookah enjoyer a pleasant experience. To round off the kit you'll receive a clay bowl and set of Hookah tongs.

Volcano Hookah Specs:


17.5 inches


Stainless steel, cut-out design, matte finish


Heavy glass, flared out, wide bottom


Unglazed clay


Washable silicone