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Provost II Heat Management System

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Provost II Heat Management System - Apple On Top

Apple On Top Provost II - Heat Management Device

The Provost II expands upon the genius of the original Apple on Top Provost HMD. It fits the AOT bowl perfectly and can also double as a wind cover. A new handle design will allow you to adjust the upgraded venting system to manage the heat to your liking. The Provost II will hold 3-4 pieces of natural flat charcoal. With heat management devices one of the most common complaints is that they take longer to warm up and get the session going, the easiest way around that is to place the hot coals in the Provost II and close the vents. This will trap the heat inside and allow it to heat much much quicker. In the event your session is burning a little hot, simply open the vents to cool down.

Note: The Provost II will work with almost ANY hookah bowl. You do not have to use it with an Apple On Top bowl. If you're looking for a cool heat management device or just some wind protection for an outdoor smoke, this is a great option for you.