Nammor Vega Hookah

Nammor Vega Hookah
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Super Size Hookahs for a Premium Lounge Experience

Do you offer a premium bowl? Maybe a fruit bowl or other upgrades? We have always recommended offering a bigger, more impressive hookah for customer who pay for the extras. Why? When you bring out a hookah that is so much bigger than the others, people will ask how they can get the big hookah too. BAM! You just sold them another bowl with premium shisha and upgrades like ice or fruit juice in the base. Put that extra $10 in your pocket and thank me later.

Washable Nammor Hose Included

The Nammor Vega includes the world famous Nammor hose. The first wide gauge, fully washable hookah hose with a removable mouth tip. Easy cleaning of the hoses will keep your hookahs tasting fresh and eliminate ghosting flavors. Don't let all your hoses get stained so that all your hookahs taste the same!

The mouth tip is removable, so that you can easily integrate the Mystique Ice Hose Tip. This icy hose attachment will chill the smoke for a smooth, cool blast of flavor. Customers love it!

The Nammor Vega hookah sports an attractive silver stem with three gold ring accents. Standing at 43 inches tall, it commands attention and delivers optimal performance.

Height: 43 inches
Hose: Large Nammor, color matched to vase
Bowl: Egyptian Style Bowl
Vase Colors: Black, Blue, Green, Red, Clear
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