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Khalil Mamoon Shamadan Hookah

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Khalil Mamoon Shamadan Tall Hookah

Khalil Mamoon builds their hookahs to last; the Shamadan Tall Hookah is a solid long-term invest thanks in-part to its stainless-steel composition. Stainless-steel will never rust or corrode, so as long as this hookah is treated well it will be providing killer smoke sessions for years to come. The downstem is medium gauge and also made from stainless-steel - it will never retain nasty ghosting shisha flavors, which can be washed away with one quick wash. The fast turn-around time for this hookah is perfect for hookah lounges.

It's important to remember that each and every Khalil Mamoon hookah is made by hand, not by machines. This means there will be differences in specific details, welding spots, etc., between each Shamadan Tall hookah. But you can still expect amazing smoke sessions every time with any Khalil Mamoon hookah!

Shamadan Tall Specs:


35" Tall, 30 " Standard, 27" Short


Stainless steel


KM Silver Striped or Gold Frosted


Egyptian clay


Starbuzz KM hose or standard KM Large

Khalil Mamoon Quality and Appearance DisclosureKhalil Mamoon hookahs are hand made in Egypt and are subjectto imperfections as a result of their artisanal production process. KhalilMamoon hookahs will regularly change and/or modify the extra accessories, suchas the glass base, clay bowl and hose at any time without notice. That is partof the charm of purchasing authentic Egyptian hookahs. If you prefer hookahs without imperfections,weld marks, minor scuffs and variable accessories, we highly recommend purchasinghookahs from another manufacturer.