Khalil Mamoon - Syriana Ice Hookah

Khalil Mamoon Syriana Ice Hookah
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Khalil Mamoon Syriana Ice (1 hose) Hookah

Not your average ice hookah, the Syriana Ice is dark and its intricately done detailing shines brightly. Its modest 27" height contains an incredible amount of craftsmanship and quality design that makes this yet another Khalil Mamoon masterpiece that will shine brightly in any hookah lounge's arsenal, and will stand out from the crowd on any retail store's shelves. The ice chamber on this hookah also gives smokers the option to go for an incredibly chilled smoking experience. At our unbeatable wholesale prices, can you afford to not pick up a few Khalil Mamoon Syriana Ice hookahs?

Syriana Ice Design

Stainless-steel is a popular metal among hookah manufacturers for its durable qualities and total aversion to rust and corrosion. Khalil Mamoon uses it for many of their hookahs for these attributes, it gives the hookahs an incredibly long lifespan and helps them handle any bumps or falls they might face in everyday handling. If handled with respect the Syriana Ice will live a long life full of contented hookah smokers. The stainless-steel has gone through an oxidization process, which gives it that lovely dark color. The gold wash highlights the etched in flower design on the shaft and around the hub. With each Khalil Mamoon hookah being handmade it should be expected that the exact details will vary from hookah-to-hookah.

The ice chamber located just beneath the bowl is another awesome attribute of this hookah. Ice chambers can be filled with (you guessed it) ice cubes that cool down the hookah smoke as it moves from the bowl through the downstem. The ice chamber is sealed off from the rest of the hookah, so there's no worry of it leaking. Also, it's not necessary that the ice chamber be filled with ice for the hookah to work perfectly.

Syriana Ice Specs:

Height: 27"
Shaft: Stainless steel with dark bronze finish and etchings.
Base: KM black frosted gold or gold striped.
Bowl: Egyptian clay
Hose: KM standard

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