Electroplated Legend Shika Hookah

Shika Electroplated Legend - 1 Hose Hookah
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Shika Electroplated Legend Hookah

The 35.5" Electroplated Legend hookah, is the stuff of legend. You will be very hard pressed to find a hookah of this height and this quality at this price anywhere else. Available in three colors that all feature a beautiful shiny, yet smooth finish, the Legend will add some mega razzle dazzle to your business.

Shika Electroplated Legend Features

Like many Shika hookahs, the Electroplated Legend features a heavy brass shaft which is a huge bonus for a hookah of this height. Many people worry about stability when you hit 35 inches but with a Shika hookah, you need not. The shaft and tray feature the electroplated finish which will help protect from rust and corrosion and goes on shiny but smooth. It's a bit like a modern, yet industrial look and it even repels water! The Legend will also come with a washable Shika Typhoon hose, Electroplated Shika Tongs and an Oblivion Phunnel bowl to go on top.

Electroplated Legend Specs:

Height: 35.5 inches
Base: Black, Blue, or Red
Shaft: Heavy brass with electroplated finish
Hose: Shika Typhoon
Tray: Standard Shika w/ Electroplated finish.

**We recommend cleaning exteriors with a cool water rinse. Using abrasive materials or tarnish removers could ruin the paint job.**

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