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80 Feet 80 Hookah Bowl

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The 80 Feet 80 Phunnel Bowls

From the mad scientist labs of Hookah John comes a new compact, phunnel hookah bowl - the 80 Feet Bowl. The central spire holds the excess juices in the bowl and keeps your hookah clean and flavor intense! This hookah bowl holds 17-25 grams of shisha tobacco, depending on the cut of the tobacco and the packing method you use with it. These are 100% Authentic HJ 80 Feet bowls, designed for the advanced hookah collector who appreciates the quality and craftsmanship.

HJ Espana 80Feet80 Bowls

Ole! I hope you're ready for this Bowl Fight! The new edition of HJ 80Feet bowls is here....The Espana collection. These bowls have begun the Reconquista of the ultra premium, hand-crafted phunnel bowl scene. After a serious inquisition with hookah enthusiasts, the best way to improve the top selling 80feet80 bowl would be to add a minor increase in depth. This new design will keep your session way a head in the running of the bowls. Don't overlook the exquisite variety of new color glazes and combination that have Picasso rolling over in the grave.80 Feet 80 Phunnel Bowls - Resurrection Series

The 80 Feet 80 bowls are now available in the Resurrection series, that brings back the original design and some classic color options with a touch more gloss on the finish. The Resurrection bowls have a deeper bowl with a taller and narrower spire. The necks of the bowls are slightly tapered and they most popular color option, "Money Green" is back!

Perfect Fit

The 80 Feet Bowl works perfectly with just tin foil, if that's your preference, but it "mostly fits" a Kaloud Lotus heat management system. Pack the shisha in just up to the ridge, for a thick smoke, without having to load over 35 grams of shisha. This is compact but high yield for that smoker who needs ever thicker clouds.

**The 80 Feet Hookah Bowl measures approximately 4" tall, 2.6" wide , and is made by artisans with clay right here in the United States.