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Adalya 250G Hookah Tobacco

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Grouped product items
Angel Lips -250G
Berlin Nights -250G
Blue Mln (Case of 24) -250G Jars
Blue Mln -250G
Blueberrys -250G
Exagelado -250G
Hawaii (Case of 24) -250G Jars
Hawaii -250G
JK777 -250G
Love 66 (Case of 24) -250G Jars
Love 66 -250G
Miamor (Case of 24) -250G Jars
Miamor -250G
Mint -250G
Skyfall -250G
The Two Apples -250G
Baku Nights -250G
Blue Dragon -250G
Blue Orange -250G
Delons -250G
Lady Killer (Case of 24) -250G Jars
Lady Killer -250G
Madagascar Nights -250G
Mngtngs -250G
Watermelon -250G

Adalya 250g Shisha Tobacco

We're super excited to now be offering Adalya shisha tobacco! A long-time favorite in Turkey and relatively new to the US market, Adalya features bold flavors made out of the finest tobacco leaf. The 250g flavors are available in both individual 250g jars or by the case (24 x 250g Jars) for those wanting to stock up and save some money. These flavors come in nice glass jars that customers love to keep the shisha fresh, and then can recycle or re-use when they are done.

"The definition of love for mixed aromas."

Wondering where to start? Well, Love 66 is one of their most popular and requested flavors. What does it taste like? Well, we'll have to get a video review up soon but straight from the mouth of Adalya, we're told that Love 66 is "the definition of love for mixed aromas" and that it will "become your passion of taste." I'm sold! But seriously, read below for descriptions of these unique flavor names. Have questions? As always, let us know.

Adalya Tobacco Flavors:

Angel Lips - Blackberry, watermelon, and mint

Baku Mights - fruit cocktail with cooling mint

Berlin Nights - Peach with minty exhale

Blue Draon - Dragon fruit with subtle menthol

Blue MLN - Sweet melon and cool menthol

Blue Orange - Sweet blueberry and citrus orange

Blueberrys - Blueberry mint

Delons - Melon blend with a hint of mint

Exagelado - Grape, lemon, and a hint of mint

Hawaii - Mango and pineapple with a refreshing mint

JK777 - Acai berry, sweet grape, smooth mint

Lady Killer - Mango, melon, mixed berries, and mint

Love 66 - Passion fruit, watermelon, and cooling mint

Madagascar Nights - Lychee with mint

Mi Amor - Pineapple, banana, and mint

Mint MNGTNGS - Mango, passion fruit and mint

Sky Fall - Sweet peach, watermelon, and mint

The Two Apples Watermelon - A candied take on watermelon more on the sweeter side.