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AO Round Tip Glass Hose

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The AO Round Tip Glass Hose

This premium, glass handle hose from AO is an entirely washable hookah hose that features a unique handle and heel tip. Available in a wide variety of color options, the AO Round Tip Glass Hose comes with soft-touch silicone tubing with a removable handle for easy cleaning.

This version of the AO glass handle hoses has a traditional, rounded mouthpiece - hence the name. The all-glass handle has an ombre color design that matches the color of the tubing. What’s unique about the heel tip (the part that goes into your hookah hose port) is that it has a frosted glass exterior, meaning that with some hookahs you may not need a hose grommet! With other hookah models you can simply use a hose grommet as you normally would.

The AO Round Tip Glass Hose comes packaged beautifully inside a sturdy box that has barcodes that can be easily entered into your retail POS system.

While the AO Round Tip Glass Hose will definitely add some premium eye-candy on your retail shelves, you could offer this hose in a lounge as well. However, being a more delicate hookah hose, it is more of a consumer offer for your patrons who want to elevate their hookah setups.