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Azure Black Shisha Tobacco 250g

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Grouped product items
Alaskan Ice (250G) Black Pouch - Azure
Apple Cider (250G) Black Pouch - Azure
Baristas Choice (250G) Black Pouch - Azure
Bengal Citrus (250G) Black Pouch - Azure
Bermuda Mint (250G) Black Pouch - Azure
Berry Mania (250G) Black Pouch - Azure
Black Tea Black 250G Pouch - Azure
Blueberry (250G) Black Pouch - Azure
Cactus Blast (250G) Black Pouch - Azure
Cairo Crypt Tonight (250G) Black Pouch - Azure
Chai Masala (250G) Black Pouch - Azure
Cherry Muffin (250G) Black Pouch - Azure
Cinnamon Cookies (250G) Black Pouch - Azure
Citrus Mania (250G) Black Pouch - Azure
Coco Mania (250G) Black Pouch - Azure
Cola (250G) Black Pouch - Azure
Cool Cucumber (250G) Black Pouch - Azure
Cosmos (250G) Black Pouch - Azure
Down Under (250G) Black Pouch - Azure
Dubai Apple (250G) Black Pouch - Azure
Grape Mania (250G) Black Pouch - Azure
Hokkaido Melon Black 250G Pouch - Azure
Lemon Grass (250G) Black Pouch - Azure
Lemon Muffin (250G) Black Pouch - Azure
Lemon Sage (250G) Black Pouch - Azure
Lifes A Peach (250G) Black Pouch - Azure
Lime (250G) Black Pouch - Azure
Mango Cheesecake (250G) Black Pouch - Azure
Matcha Mint (250G) Black Pouch - Azure
Melon King (250G) Black Pouch - Azure
Mexi Cola (250G) Black Pouch - Azure
Moroccan Tea (250G) Black Pouch - Azure
Napa Grape (250G) Black Pouch - Azure
Orange My Guava (250G) Black Pouch - Azure
Passion Fruit (250G) Black Pouch - Azure
Pep Cream (250G) Black Pouch - Azure
Persian Rose Black 250G Pouch - Azure
Pomegranate (250G) Black Pouch - Azure
Rio Mint (250G) Black Pouch - Azure
Root Beer (250G) Black Pouch - Azure
Route 66 (250G) Black Pouch - Azure
Royal Citrus (250G) Black Pouch - Azure
Royal Raspberry (250G) Black Pouch - Azure
San Diego Sunset (250G) Black Pouch - Azure
Strawberry Guava (250G) Black Pouch - Azure
Sweet Summer Sun (250G) Black Pouch - Azure
Ultra Violet (250G) Black Pouch - Azure
Unicorn (250G) Black Pouch - Azure
Watermelon (250G) Black Pouch - Azure
California Blue (250G) Black Pouch - Azure
Grow A Pear (250G) Black Pouch - Azure
Strawberry Passion (250G) Black Pouch - Azure
Viva La Horchata (250G) Black Pouch - Azure

Azure Black Shisha Tobacco 250g

For those wanting more of a kick than the classic Azure Gold Line shisha, Azure's Black Line of shisha is going to be the way to go. The Black Line is made in small batches here in American out of a dark leaf tobacco that provides a higher nicotine content and a more substantial buzz. This is a great line of tobacco to have on hand for your more seasoned hookah smokers who are looking for a little bit more.

Azure Black Line Flavor Descriptions:

Alaskan Ice - Powerfully icy taste of mint.
Apple Cider - A blend of spiced green apples (think cinnamon, nutmeg, and allspice)
Barista's Choice - Rich and bold coffee flavor.
Bengal Citrus - An exclusive blend of citrus fruit, herb, and spice aromas for a pleasant long-lasting smoke.
Bermuda Mint - Azure's strongest mint blend.
Berrymania - Berry blend Blackberry.
Black Tea - Inspired by a blend of the finest Chinese and Indian black teas. This flavorful and slightly sweet tea flavor will be the perfect addition to your bowl.
Blueberry - Classic Blueberry flavor.
Blueberry Muffin - A delicious take on a classic.
Boomerang - A faithful red gummy bear creation.
Cactus Blast - Mango + pineapple soda mix.
Cairo Crypt Tonight - Cherry with ice mint.
California Blue - Azure's unique twist on blueberry.
Carolina Peach - Delicious peach blend.
Chai Masala - Combines natural tea flavors with strong cinnamon spices and subtle vanilla flavors.
Cherry Muffin - Azure's delicious muffin flavor blended with savory cherry.
Chocolate Cake - Rich, delicious chocolate dessert.
Cinnamon Cookies - Better than anything your mom makes.
Citrus Mania - All your favorite citrus flavors in one bowl.
Coco Mania - A creamy blend of coconut and berries.
Cola - We proudly present to you our secret formula which is synonymous with your cola beverage of choice.
Cool Cucumber - Cucumber with a cool mint finish.
Cosmos - We're waiting to try this one.
Down Under - Azure's very own blend of fresh blueberry, sweet kiwi, and icy mint. Inspired by our friends in Australia.
Dubai Apple - Azure's yummy take on the classic Double Apple flavor.
Grapemania - Sweet grape with a subtle hint of mint.
Grow A Pear - Lightly spiced pear. Lemon Muffin - delicious lemon and savory muffin blend.
Hokkaido Melon - Perfectly sweet melon with slightly sour undertones. Be transported to Japan with every puff!
Lemongrass - Fresh citrus herb.
Lemon Muffin - A fantastic blend of Citrus/Lemon and Azure's wonderful Muffin mix.
Lemon Sage - One of a kind flavor from our flavor master! Fresh and bright lemon balanced with the earthy herbal flavor of sage. Will this flavor transform you into a sage?
Life’s A Peach - Fruity and citrus, just like the real thing.
Lime - The sour, yet slightly sweet, taste of citrus limes.
Lychee - Just like delicious lychee fruit.
Mango Cheesecake - Savory cheesecake with a nice mango finish. Melon King - Sweet and smooth melon with a dash of mint.
Matcha Mint - Azure Matcha Mint shisha tobacco is an earthy green tea merged with sweet and cooling mint!
Melon King - Sweet melon with a hint of mint.
Melon Mania - Blend of sweet melon flavors.
Mexi Cola - An alternate cola inspired by the world-renowned glass bottled cola from Mexico.
Moroccan Tea - Lemon mint with a hint of honey.
Moscow Never Sleeps - Sweet fruit with a touch of mint.
Napa Grape - Napa Grape offers the unmistakable flavor of red grapes.
Orange My Guava - Sweet (yet slightly sour) citrus orange effortlessly blends with tropical guava.
Passion Fruit - This exotic fruit flavor is deliciously sweet and tart. A pleasant flavor to enjoy solo or in your favorite mix!
Pep Cream - In addition to the flavor of ice-cold peppermint, you'll experience a sweet vanilla cream.
Persian Rose - Refreshingly delicious, this floral scented, cocktail inspired flavor is an infusion of pomegranate and rose.
Pomegranate - Juicy pomegranate flavor.
Rio Mint - South American mint blend.
Root Beer - Flavored with a whole bunch of ingredients (nutmeg, sassafras, anise, etc.), however there's no better way to describe it other than "root beer" flavor.
Route 66 - Passion fruit, melon, and cooling mint.
Royal Citrus - Lemon and orange mix.
Royal Mango - Bold and luscious mango.
Royal Queen - Black tea with citrus.
Royal Raspberry - Bold and tart raspberry.
San Diego Sunset - We're waiting to try this one.
Spiced Berry - Natural sweetness of ripe mixed berries comes through at the forefront with notes of cinnamon spice underneath.
Strawberry Guava - Strawberry candy mixed with guava. Sweet Summer Sun - Milky citrus base that changes with each season.
Strawberry Passion - Crisp and clean strawberry, blended with passionfruit.
Sweet Summer Sun - Milky citrus base changing with the seasons.
Tomahawk - Cool citrus blend.
Tropical Citrus - Tropical fruits and fresh citrus round out this perfect summer flavor.
Tropical Paradise - A mixture of tropical fruit flavors.
Ultra Violet - A well-balanced mix of a violet flower and citrus with a hint of mint.
Unicorn - A mix of melons and spearmint.
Viva La Horchata - Just like the delicious cinnamon and rice milk mix.
Watermelon - Sweet, candied watermelon flavor.
Winter Berries - Berry blend with a mint finish.
Winter Lemon - Sweet, citrus lemon is expertly combined with a "winter" cold mint.
Winter Orange - Orange and ice mint.
Winter Peach - Sweet peach with an icy mint finish.
Winter Rose - Floral with a nice cool mint finish.