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Black Diamond Pre-Punched Hookah Foil

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Pre Punched Hookah Foils (24 sheets) - Black Diamond

Black Diamond Pre Punched Foil Saves Time

This hookah foil is a quick time saver for any hookah bar. Available in packs of 50 sheets, as well as a box (24 x 50 sheets) the Black Diamond foil is pre-cut and ready to go. Simply pull a sheet from the pack, wrap the top of the bowl and you are ready for the coals.No more searching for pins, needles or toothpicks. No more uneven heat distribution that scorches a part of your bowl.No more torn foils from a rushed punching job.No more hassles. Don't waste any more time poking hundreds of tiny holes! Make it quick and easy, so anyone in your store can be a hookah expert in seconds.