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BYO Olympia Hookah Bowls

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Black - BYO Olympia Bowl - Amira & BYO
Blue - BYO Olympia Bowl - Amira & BYO
Red - BYO Olympia Bowl - Amira & BYO

BYO Olympia Hookah Bowls

BYO has been producing quality hookahs over the last year and these bowls only build upon their unique designs and color selections. The BYO Olympia bowls come in a variety of colors, and as you'll see feature an interesting double phunnel bowl design to make for some interesting sessions. These concentric rings are unlike any other bowl available today. BYO has truly created a versatile hookah bowl at a price everyone can get behind!

BYO Bowl Running Rings Around the Others

Check out the concentric circles in the new BYO Olympia Bowl. Each ring is divided with a raised inner wall to trap the juices but has notches to allow better airflow through the outer rings. This would be an amazing upsell bowl for hookah lounges who want to upcharge for premium mixes. Mango on the perimeter and grapefruit mint blend on the inner circle! Whoa! The combinations are endless.

Why the Double Phunnel Bowl?

We took a long look and did some testing. The separate shisha channels can help keep your flavors more pure, even in a mix. Since the flavor juices are trapped separately, the blends you create can keep their distinct flavors and avoid all the juices mixing together which can dull the overall flavor. Give it a shot in your lounge and see if the theory holds true. We would love to get your feedback on this new, cutting edge hookah bowl technology.

BYO Olympia Hookah Bowl Specs:

Height: 4.5"
Colors: Blue or Red
Diameter: 4"
Holds: 15-25 grams of shisha