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BYO Toker Hookah

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BYO Toker Hookah

Amira is now producing a new line of hookahs branded as BYO and here we have one of the grooviest finishes to be seen on a hookah in I don't know how long. The Toker as it is affectionately named, is a 16" tall compact hookah with incredibly detailed, eye-catching finishes. These are available in four different color options and are accompanied by matching accessories and a pretty sweet box.

BYO Toker Design

Whether you're a joker or a smoker, this hookah is going to be a perfect midnight toker for your favorite bowl of shisha. As Amira/BYO is known for, all components are made out of premium quality materials. Outside of the innovative color finishes, you'll notice that these come with matching glazed bowls and washable hoses that feature matching handles. These are going to be super hot on the retail market!

BYO Toker Specs


16 inches


Stainless steel w/ 4 different finish options.


Washable hookah hose


Matching glazed bowl.

Vase Colors:

Matching glass base.