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Coco Mazaya Hookah Charcoal

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12 Boxes X 96 pcs Coconut Coals - CocoMazaya
48 Boxes X 24 pcs Coconut Coals - CocoMazaya
CocoMazaya Coconut Charcoal 24 Piece Box
CocoMazaya Coconut Charcoal 96 Piece Box

Coco Mazaya Cube Coconut Coals

Coco Mazaya Natural Hookah Coals are produced by the makers of Coco Nara Coals. They are essentially the "cubed" version of Coco Naras. Some hookah smokers prefer the cube-shaped briquettes because they last longer than the flat charcoal pieces and burn at a higher temperature. Depending on your preferred smoking method and setup, you might find that you enjoy your shisha more when using cubes instead of flat coals.

These Coco Mazaya charcoals are 100% natural, made from compressed coconut shells, and burn longer than other natural coals. Coco Mazaya coals are eco-friendly, odorless, tasteless, and easily light on a stovetop or hookah coal burner. We offer Coco Mazaya coals in several different sizes and case quantities, and your customers are sure to love these high-quality, natural coals.

Coco Mazaya coals have been on the market for years and have a trusted brand name recognition that most other brands can only dream of. If you are a hookah lounge looking for consistent, quality charcoals, or a retailer who wants a proven winner, Coco Mazaya is a great choice.

Wholesale Coco Mazaya Sizes:

24 pc. Box

24 pc. Box, Case of 48 boxes

96 pc. Box

96 pc. Box, Case of 12 boxes