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Eclipse Shisha Tobacco 100g

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Eclipse Andromeda (100G) Pouch - Nirvana
Eclipse Cygni (100G) Pouch - Nirvana
Eclipse Draco (100G) Pouch - Nirvana
Eclipse Elara(100G) Pouch - Nirvana
Eclipse Lynx (100G) Pouch - Nirvana
Eclipse Portia (100G) Pouch - Nirvana

Eclipse Hookah Tobacco

Eclipse is made with burley tobacco, a dark cured tobacco leaf that produces a fuller, denser and bolder smoke with a higher level of intensity. Then the team at Eclipse HQ infuses the shisha with their famous dokha tobacco. The resulting blend gives this collection some serious fire power. The Eclipse line is made for the seasoned smoker that's going to appreciate the heavy buzz. We don't recommend this shisha for hookah noobs for their first bowl, but this shisha relatively easy to prepare and enjoy. If a buzzy shisha with robust flavors that produces huge clouds is up your alley, then Eclipse dark leaf is a great choice.

Preparing a Eclipse Session

When it's time to load up Nirvana, the preparation is quite simple. It can be smoked with a loose pack on a traditional Egyptian clay bowl, as well as a phunnel or Vortex style bowl. Toss foil and few cubes on top when you are ready or perhaps some Coco Brico Lotus Cut coals and your favorite HMD. This shisha can get intense, with higher heat. Eclipse hookah tobacco is sold in resealable, triple sealed zip style 100g pouches.

How to Order Eclipse 100g Pouches

Eclipse comes packed in case/carton of 10 pouches. In order to keep prices down and maintain efficiency, we ask that you purchase Eclipse in multiples of 5. Orders of 1 - 6 100g pouches per flavor will be rounded down to 5. Orders of 7 - 9 100g pouches per flavor will be rounded up to 10.

Eclipse Flavor:

Andromeda - Strawberry, Raspberry and Blueberry

Cygni - Blueberry, Mixed Citrus with Mint

Draco - Blueberry, Honey, Vanilla

Elara - Extreme Mint

Lynx - Peach Tea

Portia - Mixed Melons with Honey