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Fumari 1000G Shisha Tobacco

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Mint (1000G) Pouch - Fumari
Mint Chocolate Chill (1000G) Pouch - Fumari
RGB (1000G) Pouch - Fumari
Spiced Chai (1000G) Pouch - Fumari
WGB (1000G) Pouch - Fumari
White Peach (1000G) Pouch - Fumari
Aloha Mango (1000G) Pouch - Fumari
Ambrosia (1000G) Pouch - Fumari
Banana Custard (1000G) Pouch - Fumari
Blueberry Muffin (1000G) Pouch - Fumari
Blueberry N Ice (1000G) Pouch - Fumari
Caramel Kiss (1000G) Pouch - Fumari
Caribbean Colada (1000G) Pouch - Fumari
Citrus Mint (1000G) Pouch - Fumari
Citrus Tea (1000G) Pouch - Fumari
Double Apple (1000G) Pouch - Fumari
Fakh N' Mint (1000G) Pouch - Fumari
French Vanilla (1000G) Pouch - Fumari
Guava (1000G) Pouch - Fumari
Island Papaya (1000G) Pouch - Fumari
Lemon Loaf (1000G) Pouch - Fumari
Lemon Mint (1000G) Pouch - Fumari
Limoncello (1000G) Pouch - Fumari
Mandarin Zest (1000G) Pouch - Fumari
Mochaccino (1000G) Pouch - Fumari
Mojito Mojo (1000G) Pouch - Fumari
Nectarine (1000G) Pouch - Fumari
Orange Cream (1000G) Pouch - Fumari
Passionfruit Sangria (1000G) Pouch - Fumari
Prickly Pear (1000G) Pouch - Fumari
Purple Grape (1000G) Pouch - Fumari
Razzberry Bliss (1000G) Pouch - Fumari
Sourcherry (1000G) Pouch - Fumari
Strawberry Jam (1000G) Pouch - Fumari
Summer Sorbetto (1000G) Pouch - Fumari
Sweetmint (1000G) Pouch - Fumari
Tangelo (1000G) Pouch - Fumari
Tropical Punch (1000G) Pouch - Fumari
Watermelon (1000G) Pouch - Fumari
Watermelon Suga Mint (1000G) Pouch - Fumari

1000g (1 Kilo) Pouch of Fumari Hookah Tobacco

Fumari shisha tobacco is one of the best premium shisha brands on the market, offering dozens of rich and delicious flavors. This is a modern American style shisha that features both single fruit and one note flavors, as well as more complex and exotic shisha concoctions. We love the resealable pouches that keep these flavors "STRIKINGLY FRESH." And of course, we love to slap a bag whenever we can get our hands on a new flavor from Fumari! By keeping wholesale Fumari tobacco in soft, resealable bags, you get the maximum amount of shisha for the dollar without paying for fancy packaging that you don't need. The flexible pouches make them very easy to pack and ship that gives you a more efficient delivery costs compared to shisha kilos that come in bulky tubs.Check out our list of the top selling flavors from Fumari that we update every few months. You can see which flavors are the most popular season to season as new flavors are released and the perennial favorites bounce around the rankings.

Fumari 1000 gram in Hookah Bars

Hookah lounges stock Fumari kilos because they have the best value and lowest cost of tobacco by the gram. Fumari 1000g pouches come with a resealable bag to keep the shisha fresh in your cafe, so your customers will enjoy a richer flavor, smoother smoke and bigger clouds. Most hookah bars use a serving of 15 - 25 grams of shisha, depending on the bowl, hookah and set up used. That means a kilo will reliably give you 40-55 servings in your lounge for some serious ROI. These are premium flavors from one of the most popular and most consistent manufacturers in the hookah industry, so you can charge a premium price for blends. Stock up on a full kilogram of your best selling flavors of Fumari, or try some of those recent releases to bring your customers something new to taste and fall in love with!

Fumari Flavor Descriptions

Since this happens to be one of our favorites brands, we willingly smoked the whole flavor list to bring you accurate descriptions for each and every Fumari shisha flavor. I hope you enjoy this list half as much as we enjoyed our "product research."Available Fumari Flavors:

Aloha Mango - Pure mango flavor that has a sweet tropical undertone.

Ambrosia - Sweet melon and mixed fruit in a creamy marshmallow blend.

Banana Custard - A sweet banana blend with a creamy flavor and dash of spice.

Blueberry Muffin - Ripe, decadent blueberries mix with a sweet muffin-y finish.

Caribbean Colada - A delicious coconut cocktail.

Citrus Mint - bright, tangy citrus notes that combine with cool refreshing mint.

Double Apple - The classic traditional flavor of mild apple with heavy notes of anis.

French Vanilla - This vanilla is loaded with extra sweet cream.

Guava - Tropical fruity-ness of the exotic guavaIsland.

Papaya - The most tropical flavor explosion ever created in the hookah-verse!

Lemon Mint - Citrus-y lemons with a cool and smooth mint finish.

Lemon Loaf - A true to life blend mimicking delicious baked lemon pound cake.

Limoncello - Sweet lemon, with a lemon hard candy flavor profile.

Mandarin Zest - Super bright mandarin orange flavor made extra zesty!

Mint - Is this too tastes like mint.

Mint Chocolate Chill - Sultry milk chocolate spiked with mint for something rich and smooth.

Mojito Mojo - Classic minty, lime mojito flavor with a touch of rum notes to add some mojo!

Mochaccino - A balanced blend of rich coffee and dark chocolate.

Orange Cream - Orange dream pops come to mind - sweet oranges with smooth vanilla cream.

Passion Fruit - Another exotic fruit that will take you back to the tropics.

Prickly Pear - Similar to grenadine, this is a bright, tart cherry/pomegrante/red flavor family.

Purple Grape - A sweet grape flavor.

RGB - A sweet candied mix of red berries, like raspberry and cherry.

Spiced Chai - A balanced mix of Indian chai spices and sweet cream and tea.

Sour Cherry - Think of your favorite sour cherry candy and this nails it.

Summer Sorbetto - A tart and sweet mango sorbet.

Sweet Mint - This is a clean, fresh minty flavor with a dash of sweetness so it goes down smooth.

Tangelo - A tart citrus flavor with a blend of tangerines and mild grape fruit flavor.

Tropical Punch - All the tropical fruits combined into a fruit-splosion of flavor.

Watermelon - A true representation of this sweet fruity melon.

WGB - A sweet candied pineapple flavor that quickly rose to top seller status.

White Peach - Oh how sweet it is. Smooth white peach flavor just like those gummy candy "O's"