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Golden Desert Car Hookah

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Black Car Hookah - Golden Desert
Silver Car Hookah - Golden Desert

Golden Desert Portable Car Hookah

It's been a great many years since a hookah like this existed. Sure, you can get those one and done "cup hookahs" but what about something that will last? Enter the Golden Desert Car hookah. The perfect on-the-go hookah that will fit in most standard cup holders and give you years of pleasure.


The 8 inch tall Car hookah features a covered top to keep your coal safe for those times that some a**hole driver cuts you off and forced you to hit the breaks. Don't worry, your mellow won't be harshed, you can just keep on smoking. What's more? These come with a high quality stand too. So once you reach your destination you can carry the hookah inside or to your patio, put it in the stand and carry-on on a table-top. These are also outfitted with a washable silicone hose.

Car Hookah Specs:



Available Colors:

Black, Silver


Washable silicone