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Haze 1000G Tub

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CC Double Bubble 1000G Haze
FrozenLakes 1000G Haze
Mint Lemonade 1000G Haze
Pearlicious 1000G Haze
SubZero 1000G Haze
Cucumberita 1000G Haze
Iced Cucumberita 1000G Haze
Ohh Chata 1000G Haze
Pumpkin Pleasure 1000G Haze
Ultimint 1000G Haze
What A Mint 1000G Haze

Haze Shisha Tobacco 1000g (1 Kilo) Tubs

Haze is a premium, hand-crafted shisha tobacco line consisting of many unique and inventive flavors and mixes. These are guaranteed to peak the interests and taste buds of the customers in your lounge. Haze tobacco is crafted to do well under intense heat making it great in a lounge. Lay down some hot coals and watch your customers blow massive thunderclouds that rain money into your pockets.

Haze Shisha Flavors:

Double Bubble - Classic bubble gum flavor.

Cucumberita - Refreshing mixture of cucumber and margarita.Frozen Lakes - Watermelon with a cool mint finish.

Mint Lemonade - Fresh squeezed lemonade with fresh mint leaves.

Pumpkin Pleasure - Savory pumpkin pie.

Subzero - Very strong and refreshing mint.

Ultimint - The ultimate mint flavor.

Whatamint - Icy cool peppermint cream.