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Hookah Cleaning Brushes

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Large Hookah Base Brush - Shisha House
Large Hookah Shaft Brush - Shisha House
Small Hookah Base Brush - Shisha House

Brushes for Cleaning Hookahs

Hookah Cleaning brushes come in a range of sizes and have different functions. It takes a different size and shape to clean the stem (aka hookah shaft) than to clean the glass base due to the difference in diameter and shape.

Hookah Shaft Brushes

We recommend at the very least a quick 1-2-3 scrub on the stem under running water between sessions in a hookah lounge, to minimize any residual flavors that might affect the next session. Since the residue of hookah smoke is generally water soluble, it doesn't require a lot of strength or intensive cleaners for quick maintenance.

Hookah shaft or stem brushes are long with a bristled tip that can slide inside of the stem and brush off the shisha juices. A couple of scrubs and a quick rinse can do the trick, but if you want to do a deep clean, a simple mild soap solution or using lemon juice can make that inner stem shine.

Hookah Base Brushes

Compact but completely functional wind cover that sits directly on the bowl. This is like a little hat for your hookah bowl that keep the wind out and the ashes in. The plastic handle on the side makes for easy handling when the metal is hot.

Hookah Bowl Wind Cover and Top

Base brushes tend to be shorter but much wider and have longer bristles than stem brushes. They need the extra length to brush off the gunk that attach to the glass interior of the hookah base. Since bases can come in a variety of shapes and sizes, you might want to bend the handle to force the brush into more contact with glass for a super clean result.

Cleansers like Bling! can work wonders, but again, a mile soap solution, lemon juice or even baking soda can be very effective. If you use a more potent cleaning liquid, be sure to wash your base thoroughly and rinse multiple times to prevent ghosting from the detergent!