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Hookah Hose Grommets

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100 Egyptian Rubber Hose Grommet
Egyptian Hose Grommet - Khalil Mamoon
Hose Grommet - Mya
Small Rubber Hose Grommet
100 Grommet Hose Syrian
200 Mya Rubber Hose Grommet
Silicone 5 Pack Hose Grommet
Syrian Hose Grommet - Shisha House

Hookah Hose Grommets and Seals

The hose grommet is simply a rubber, plastic or silicone gasket that creates and air-tight seal between the hookah hose and stem. Here we have the seemingly unimportant hookah hose grommet, and yet without this somewhat insignificant accessory, your whole hookah operation can come crashing down.

Different sizes and materials are available depending on the size of the hose and hose port and the texture and material of the hookah parts themselves.These parts are so inexpensive, we highly recommend stocking up with these and keeping a few dozen of multiple varieties on hand to fit and fix any situation. You can even double them up and use multiple grommets if needed on large hose ports.

They are life-savers in a pinch when retail customers bring back their hookahs with missing parts or a slight air leak around the hose. Hookah lounges need plenty of extras because they get chewed up over time and eventually wear out, not to mention the customers that take your hookahs apart and lose the parts and pieces. Why they do this, we may never know!

Egyptian Hose Grommets or Gaskets

Egyptian hookah grommets are made with a translucent pliable plastic/rubber hybrid material....we don't know for sure what it is. They have are thicker and more durable than Mya grommets. These are standard with most Egyptian, Shika, Khalil Mamoon and similar type hookahs. They are compatible with most hookahs, with the exception being very small hookahs or hookahs with a very small hose port. Buy wholesale Egyptian hookah grommets in bulk with our discounted bag of 100 pieces.

Mya Saray Hose Grommets aka Gaskets

Mya Saray hookahs come with a very flexible, silicone hose grommet. These grommets are shorter in length than Egyptian hose grommets and much more flexible and "squishy." They are less durable than Egyptian grommets and can get pretty chewed up quickly if used on traditional Egyptian and KM style hookahs that tend to have rougher exposed edges and welds around the hose port. They will fit most hookah, including smaller modern hookahs. These grommets come in a bag of 200.

Syrian Hookah Hose Gaskets / Grommets

Syrian Hookahs traditionally had a smaller hose port than most Egyptian hookahs and that is why these grommets fall in between the Egyptian and Mya grommet styles. These are made of a more durable plastic/rubber material, but they are smaller and thinner so they more flexible. These grommets work best on medium to smaller hookahs. Syrian hookah hose grommets come in a bag of 100.

These products are priced individually, but sold in multiples of 10. Any order with an odd number will be rounded up to the next multiple of 10.

Save 25% when you purchase a complete bag.