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Mya 250G Shisha Tobacco

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Big Apple - 250G Mya Shisha - Mya
Blueberry Crush - 250G Mya Shisha - Mya
Citrus Dream - 250G Mya Shisha - Mya
Exoticorange - 250G Mya Shisha - Mya
God father - 250G Mya Shisha - Mya
Good Time Lime - 250G Mya Shisha - Mya
Groovy Grape - 250G Mya Shisha - Mya
Manhattan Mint - 250G Mya Shisha - Mya
Paradise dream - 250G Mya Shisha - Mya
Red Dragon - 250G Mya Shisha - Mya
Vegas H2O - 250G Mya Shisha - Mya

Mya 250g Shisha Tobacco/span>

You most likely associate the name "Mya" with world-famous hookahs and rightfully so, they've made quite the name for themselves over the years. But what if I told you that Mya also produces a high quality line of shisha tobacco? Consider yourself told! We're happy to now offer their premium line of 250g shisha jars.

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If you are looking for some new flavors to add variety or exclusivity to your retail store, this is a great brand name people will trust right from the beginning. If you want to spice up your hookah bar menu, Just check out this flavor list! Red Dragon and Blueberry Crush...these are going to move!

Mya uses ingredients that are entirely harvested in Germany. Their tobacco selection process is very careful and the choice to go with a German grown leaf leads to a smooth and subtle buzz with a robust and bold flavor profile. Below is a list of available flavors and descriptions.

Wholesale Mya hookah tobacco 250g jars come in cases of 24. If you prefer to buy in bulk, just ask us for case pricing, and we can work out a deal for you depending on the volume and number of cases/flavors.