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Mya Saray Bacci Hookah

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Black Amber (9" Small) Bacci Hookah - Mya
Black Grey (9" Small) Bacci Hookah - Mya
Dark Blue (9" Small) Bacci Hookah - Mya
Light Purple (9" Small) Bacci Hookah - Mya
Mya Bacci Black : Clear
Mya Bacci Silver : Amber
Mya Bacci Silver : Blue
Mya Bacci Silver : Clear
Mya Bacci Silver : Green
Mya Bacci Silver : Grey
Mya Bacci Silver : Light Blue
Mya Bacci Silver : Light Purple
Olive Green (9" Small) Bacci Hookah - Mya
Sky Blue (9" Small) Bacci Hookah - Mya

Mya Saray Bacci Hookah

The Bacci is one of Mya's newest offerings to their incomparable compact hookah line and it does not disappoint. At only 7 inches tall, you will not find a more solid or better smoking hookah in this class. The Bacci features a black aluminum stem and comes with all of the high quality Mya components you've come to love over the years. The rounded base is available in six color options and features high quality etchings.

Is this the greatest hookah for experienced hookah professionals, not really. Do retailers sell dozens of these hookahs every week to and make a huge profit on each unit....Hell Yeah They Do!

What else makes it awesome?

You may be asking yourself, why not buy on of those $7 Pumpkin hookahs that's the same size? Well... because of the quality. New hookah smokers that come into your shop may want something small and cheaper to start out, but if you sell them something that's well built like the Bacci, you'll keep them coming back! The Bacci is also awesome because of the wide base relative to the overall height of the hookah. This means a low center of gravity and a super sturdy table-top hookah.

Mya Bacci Specs:


7 inches


Mya Hookah Hose


Mya Ceramic bowl

Base Options:

Amber, Dark Blue, Grey, Light Purple, Olive Green or Sky Blue Petite Glass

Selling points: -Quality far superior to any other comparably sized hookah.-Great value for its price.-All pieces machine made for precise fittings.-Compact size but still comes with a five foot long Mya hose.