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Mya Saray Chikita Hookah

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Amber (12" Small) Chikita Hookah - Mya
Black (12" Small) Chikita Hookah - Mya
Blue (12" Small) Chikita Hookah - Mya
Dark Blue (12" Small) Chikita Hookah - Mya
Light Purple (12" Small) Chikita Hookah - Mya
Mya Chikita : Grey
Off White (12" Small) Chikita Hookah - Mya
Olive Green (12" Small) Chikita Hookah - Mya
Sky Blue (12" Small) Chikita Hookah - Mya
Dark Aqua (12" Small) Chikita Hookah - Mya

Mya Saray Chikita Hookah

The Chikita hookah comes in a variety of colors, with a smll pyramid glass base design and a compact size that makes it the perfect smoking companion for a desk or table top. Chikita hookahs are very stable because the size of the flat glass base is large relative to the height of this little hookah. The stem has a matte black finish that is smooth to the touch while the glass has a sandblasted matte finish as well. Very unique!

Why retailers love it?

These Mya Chikitas have a premium look and feel with design aethetics new to the Mya Saray collection. They are very affordable for new hookah smokers but produce clouds that any hookah enthusiast would admire. We love hookahs like these for retailers, because you can build your repeat shisha and coal business with a very low upfront cost to your potential customer base.

Mya Chikita Specs:

Height:11 inches


Mya Hookah Hose

Bowl:Mya Ceramic bowl

Base Options:Black, Dark Blue, Red or Sky Blue

Selling points: -Quality far superior to any other comparably sized hookah.-Great value for its price.-All pieces machine made for precise fittings.-Compact size but still comes with a five foot long Mya hose.