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Mya Saray Hookah Hose Adapters

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Gold Autoseal Hose Adapter - Mya
Gold Autoseal Hose Adapter - Mya
Silver Autoseal Hose Adapter - Mya
Silver Autoseal Hose Adapter - Mya

Mya Saray Hose Adapters

Mya Saray hookahs can easily be modified to fit extra hoses by adding additional adapters. Many of their models are designed and pre-drilled with up to 4 hose ports. Mya hose adapters are equipped with the "Auto-Seal" system which allows the free flow of smoke through the hose, but when another person draws from another hose, the adapter creates a seal which draws smoke through the hookah, and not through the other hoses. This allows for convenient multi-hose smoking without the need to hold your thumb over the hose tip while your friends smoke.

Mya Saray Large Hose Adapters

Recently, Mya Saray has introduced a wider hose adapter to increase the air flow and reduce hose restriction. The new Mya QT is one of the hookahs with the new enlarged hose adapters. These adapters are shorter in length with a wider opening and larger threading, so they do not universally fit all Mya hookahs.