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Pharaohs Atom Hookah

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Black (15.5" Medium) Atom Hookah - Pharaohs
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Green (15.5" Medium) Atom Hookah - Pharaohs
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Red (15.5" Medium) Atom Hookah - Pharaohs
White (15.5" Medium) Atom Hookah - Pharaohs

Pharaoh's Atom Hookah

The Pharaohs Atom hookah is yet another solid entry into the compact hookah world. At 15 1/2" tall the Atom is a perfect table-top hookah and easy to pack up and take to your favorite hangout spots. Pharaohs definitely has a reputation for making some of the most unique glass basses on the market today and the Atom is know different. The pain is perfectly dabbed into the base bottom and trails about midway up the body. This gives the color even more vibrancy against the clear glass.

Design of the Pharaoh's Atom

Like many Pharaohs the Atom features a stainless steel shaft and down stem. The shaft and tray are finished in the powdered black matte finish giving the Atom the ability to stand up to wear and tear and normal cleaning. The Atom is outfitted with a high quality glass base, black clay bowl, and a Pharaohs mod style hose.

Pharaohs Atom Specs:

Although the luxurious red finish hides it, this hookah is made with stainless-steel. Stainless steel is popular for many reasons including it's ability to stand up to constant use as well as it's durability. When I say durability, I'm talking it's ability to last. As long as you clean and care for this hookah properly, you'll have years or rust/corrosion-free sessions ahead of you.