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Pharaohs Silk Hookah Hose

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Pharaohs Silk Hose Description

Pharaohs's ever-growing product line is matched only by its increasing popularity in the hookah market. As their innovation and quality have increased, so has the demand. We are now excited to offer up their new Silk hose which can also be found included with their new premium hookah, the Troika.

The Silk hose is very flexible and features a high-grade silicone tip on each end. So high quality that it feels like silk to the touch, hence the name. The ergonomic handle also features a metal tip to make for a comfortable draw as well.

Silk Hose Specs:

Length: 72 inches

Handle Size: 7 Inches

Hose Material: Medical grade silicone with decorative carbon fiber style sleeve

Hose Handle Material: Silicon w/ metal tip