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Serbetli 250G Shisha Tobacco

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Serbetli 250g Shisha Tobacco

Introducing Serbetli premium shisha tobacco! Forged out of a reverence for ancient traditions in the region, Serbetli is produced in Turkey and made from the most high-quality raw materials available. This includes using honey as a means of sweetening the flavors for a more natural and bold taste.

Serbetli is a very fine cut and flavorful tobacco and when you first open it up, the wonderful aromas will dazzle your senses. Looking for a long-lasting, flavorful session? Serbetli is going to measure up with huge clouds and nice heat performance.

Serbetli Tobacco Flavors:

Bubble Fruit
Green Mix
Ice Green Apple
Ice Lemon Mint
Ice Orange
Ice Watermelon
Lime Lychee Blueberry