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Starbuzz Mini Hookah

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Black (19.5" Medium) Mini Hookah - Starbuzz
Orange (19.5" Medium) Mini Hookah - Starbuzz
Pink (19.5" Medium) Mini Hookah - Starbuzz
Red (19.5" Medium) Mini Hookah - Starbuzz
Blue (19.5" Medium) Mini Hookah - Starbuzz
Green (19.5" Medium) Mini Hookah - Starbuzz

The Mini Hookah from Starbuzz

Brand new for 2021, Starbuzz is back with a new hookah, the Mini. The Starbuzz Mini stands at 19.5 inches tall and comes in an array of colors that are sure to please your customers. The sleek, futuristic design and electroplated finish style make these really pop! It is not common to see a hookah this premium in the compact size category. Enjoy!

Starbuzz Mini Design and Features

The Starbuzz Mini was designed to be a high-end compact hookah. At 19.5" tall these are much easier to incorporate into a table-top set up or pack up a travel with. All components are made out of high quality steel to help you get years of life out of this bad boy. The down stem has a built-in diffuser which will help keep things a little quieter and provide a large, easier draw so that you can max out your thundercloud potential. Each hookah comes with a high quality ceramic bowl, a medical grade, washable silicone hose and a heavy duty pair of matching tongs.

Starbuzz Mini Specs:




Matching washable silicone hose.




Wide bottomed, clear Starbuzz base


Stainless steel