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Starbuzz Nar

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Starbuzz Silver NarHead - Starbuzz

Starbuzz Nar Head Heat Management System

Starbuzz now has skin in the game of stellar heat management devices and let me tell you something, the Starbuzz Nar is pretty NARley! The Nar is a heavy-duty (350g) device made of solid metal to withstand the hottest of coals and help keep your session at just the right temperature for optimal cloud output.

Starbuzz Nar Head Features

The Nar head is equipped with a thermometer so that you can always monitor the temp of your coals/session and make sure to not get the bowl too hot. If you're getting a little too much heat, all you need to do is turn the blades at the top which will allow heat to escape, thus cooling things down. The Nar features nice handles for the top and bottom and let me tell you something, this thing gets HOT so you're going to want to use them. /p>